The rules for the classifieds area are very simple.

  • All ads placed must be legitimate.  If you do not own the item for sale DO NOT LIST IT.
  • All deals made through this website are between the buyer and the seller.  Both parties agree to not hold the owners and proprietors of this website accountable for any deal that takes place through this website.  This website is nothing more than a place for the buyer and seller to meet and is not responsible for any misdealing that takes place between a buyer and seller.
  • All ads must include a price.  This can be the amount of money you want or what you would be willing to trade for.  This is not an auction site so be sure to put a value on it.  Make Offer is not a valid value.  Want Ads are exempt from this rule.  You may have better luck by listing how much your are willing to exchange for the part.